Brick Photo Gallery

Here are some photos of brick projects that Sunrise Masonry has done.

(New Updated Photos will be Displayed at Top)




Beautiful Custom Home

Herringbone Design

Multiple Columns

Flagstone is the perfect finishing touch for columns

This beautiful home is very unique because it matches up two different types of brick and two stone chimneys.

Custom stones make a good match with brick

Elegant combination.

Brick arches are a must for the entrance of any custom home

Statutes and other stones and designs can be integrated with any brick work

This custom patio feature many beautiful arches for the perfect relaxing setting

Color combinations and custom designs can make your home truly magnificent.

Brick columns on your deck make for the perfect back yard. We repair/rebuild sunken, cracked, and faulty columns.

Notice how the brick pavers on the porch make for a much more beautiful entrance than ordinary cement.

Any house will look better will sidewalk/walkway pavers. This porch arch also adds a beautiful to this home.

Driveway pavers give your home that extra custom touch.

Custom brick designs that will really WOW your neighbors.

No chimney is complete with its own custom design on it for all to see.

Another beautiful BasketWeave design

A brick wall around a home looks so much better than a wooden fence.

Flower beds are the perfect addition to your home.

Look at this beautiful mail box. Not your ordinary brick mailbox.

Brick light posts to match your homes brick color.

Custom stone caps add that extra detail to your mailbox or columns.

This indoor design above the fireplace is SPECTACULAR.

Very nice fireplace addition.

New home designed to look like a classic, Queen size brick.

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